Minutes to Die.

Watch the documentary that has given a voice to millions of snakebite victims who have long awaited the world to tackle this little known global health crisis. Filmed on five continents, "Minutes to Die" takes you into the homes and hospitals of some of the 400,000 who are maimed or disabled each year. See how teaching prevention on the ground and the science of improving treatments aims to reverse the death toll - upwards of 138,000 people a year. Visit to learn more!

SRPNTS: an introduction by Professor Robert Harrison.

The SRPNTS consortium (funded by the UK government the Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office) was formed in 2018 to develop new snakebite therapies using antibody technology originally developed in pursuit of more effective HIV treatment. This group of six institutions from five countries all have one goal: to stop snakebite by creating safer and more effective, affordable, accessible snakebite therapies. Join Professor Robert Harrison as he introduces the consortium.

Snakebitten’: Tale of the serpent | Prof Nick Casewell | TEDxLSTM

Nick Casewell is a Wellcome Trust and Royal Society Sir Henry Dale Fellow based at the Centre for Snakebite Research & Interventions at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. Nick's research focuses on understanding the processes that generate toxin variation in the venoms of snakes, and how this knowledge can be applied to inform the design and development of new therapies for treating the world's snakebite victims. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.